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Welcome To Comstock Village

A Letter From the Comstock Village Homeowners Association (CVHA) President

I would like to welcome all new homeowners and residents of our neighborhood to our website. The Association provides services to each of you, including renters, and we all live in this wonderful community with the requirements we have under our covenants. Just a few agreeable standards can result in a phenomenal neighborhood.

Covenants are designed to protect the property values of all of our members. The alternative can be disaster, both qualitatively and financially. Being a covenant-controlled community, as part of the closing process in buying a property in the Comstock Village community, buyers were provided a copy of the controlling covenants. These covenants were developed by the original developer and have been modified over the years. The enforcement is the responsibility of each individual homeowner and the CVHA Board of Directors.

The primary function of this Board is covenant enforcement. The CVHA Board is not the “covenant police” and will only respond to violations that are brought to its attention. The CVHA Board also acts as the Architectural Control Committee. Per the covenants, it is the approving authority for all proposed modifications to the exterior of our properties, which include landscaping, structural modifications and painting colors. Again, its primary charter is the maintaining of values for each owner of our 595 properties.

The CVHA Board meets monthly, usually at the Rockrimmon Library, at 7:00 PM and our meetings are open to anyone who wishes to attend. Every October, we hold an election for half of the CVHA Board, whose members hold office for two years as volunteers. All owners are eligible to become CVHA Board or committee members. Our minutes are published on this website for your benefit.

Our dues are currently $45.00 per year and per the covenants can only be raised by 3% per year. (That’s about a dollar a year increase.) These dues pay for the salary of our paid Administrator and for the services the CVHA provides to its owners. We also solicit donations from our members and neighborhood businesses to support or supplement some of these activities, including extra off-duty police patrols and Jazz in the Park outdoor summer concerts.

Again, I wish to welcome you to our neighborhood. I hope we are good neighbors and take full advantage of all the features that surround us. We are blessed by our natural setting and the convenience to the urban facilities that Comstock Village provides.

Vera Feldman, President

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